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Metaprogramming in Scala: A self-transforming code

Reading Time: 4 minutes Meta programming is a popular technique from 1970’s and 1980’s which used languages like LISP to enable applications to process code for artificial intelligence based applications. When a programming language is it’s own meta-language then it is called as reflection. Reflection is one of the important feature for any programming language to facilitate meta programming. Meta programming moves computations from run-time to compile-time thereby enabling Continue Reading

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Build Enterprise Data Lake with AWS Cloud

Reading Time: 4 minutes Data Lake A Data Lake is a place to store enterprise data in one common place. This data can be further accessed by data wranglers with analytical needs. However, a data lake is different from a normal database. As a data lake can store current and historical data for different systems in its raw form for analysis. And, a database stores current updated data for Continue Reading

3D’s of Architecture & Development: Domain Driven Design

Reading Time: 4 minutes Domain Driven Design Crafting a software from interpretation of business terminologies aka. domain in turn leads to better processes for coding/development. This reflects true software craftsmanship. Abstracting software helps to create domain models. These models can bridge the gap between complex business requirements and developer’s code. The term DDD was coined by Eric Evans in his book, also an Interesting read for DDD: With DDD the structure, design Continue Reading

Transform Data on cloud with AWS Glue: Managed ETL Platform

Reading Time: 3 minutes Glue: Data Integration Service AWS Glue is a managed cloud ETL platform that can be used for data enriching, cleansing, normalising, organisation, validation, or formatting purpose for storage within a data lake, data warehouse or databases. Glue Jobs acts an orchestra-tor for ETL workflow. We can create jobs within AWS Glue that automates the scripts for ETL tasks. These jobs can be scheduled and chained, Continue Reading