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Vikas is the CTO @ Knoldus which is a group of software industry veterans who have joined hands to add value to the art of software development. We do niche product and project development on Scala, Spark and Java. We consult and coach on effective software development and agile practices. With our focus on software craftsmanship you can be assured of a good quality at the right price. To know more, send a mail to or visit

Knoldus Partners with Confluent to Power Real Time Streams

Knoldus is pleased to announce a Consulting and System Integrator partnership with Confluent, the company founded by the creators of Apache KafkaTM Confluent, creators of the first streaming platform based on Apache KafkaTM, provides the most complete platform to build enterprise-scale … Continue reading

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Understanding Support Vector Machines

[Contributed by Raghu from Knoldus, Canada] One of the important and popular classification techniques among Machine Learning algorithms is Support Vector Machines. This is also called large margin classification. Support Vector Machine technique results in a hyperplane that separates and … Continue reading

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RDF – Basic Building Blocks of Semantic Web

In the first post, we talked about the general description of Semantic Web and how it can be useful. In this post, we would try to look at RDF which is the basic building block. RDF is Resource Description Framework … Continue reading

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Semantic Web – The lure to a better world

The story of the Semantic Web is not new, however, it is interesting how some things become more and more important with the passage of time. The term was coined by Sir Tim Berners-Lee in May 2001 however, it took … Continue reading

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And you thought you were doing Microservices

If you have been in the software industry for some time you would have heard things like. Yes we do Scrum but …we do not have timeboxed sprints. Yes, we write automated user acceptance tests but … as a part … Continue reading

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Another Apache Flink tutorial, following Hortonworks’ Big Data series

Background A couple of weeks back, I was discussing with a friend of mine, on the topic of training materials on Apache Spark, available online. Of the couple of sites that I mentioned, the hadoop tutorial from Hortonworks, came up. … Continue reading

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Is Flink the shiny(err..) toy on the block?

If you are following the Big Data space especially from a Scala Space perspective then you would have noticed a troll of blogs, tweets and more blogs comparing the two. The two being Spark and Flink. That said, you would … Continue reading

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Expression Oriented Programming

In a conversation with one of the lead architects of a large publishing company, we were discussing around the coding standards and suddenly the term EOP brought the discussion to a standstill. Ok, just for a few seconds. Once I … Continue reading

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Getting close to Apache Flink, albeit in a Träge manner – 3

In the last two blogs on Flink, I hope to have been able to underline the primacy of Windows in the scheme of things of Apache Flink’s streaming. I have shared my understanding of two types of Windows that can … Continue reading

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GPU, the soul

For all these years, we have have been galvanized by the advancements in the field of computing. Most of it is aligned with the introduction of better and powerful CPUs. First there was a single CPU whose speed was the … Continue reading

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