Author: Komal Rajpal

Understanding of Protractor Promises

Reading Time: 3 minutes Introduction In the previous blog, we discussed how can the UI elements be detected using the Protractor locator strategies. Now that we know that protractor works with Javascript, which is asynchronous in nature, so the sequence of execution is sometimes disrupted and thus the expected results are not returned. Javascript is a single-threaded scripting language, this means that two bits of code cannot run at the same Continue Reading

Getting started with Protractor UI Elements

Reading Time: 2 minutes You must have recalled from my previous blog how and why protractor turns out to be the most trending testing tool in the market. With the acceleration of java Script frameworks like Angular, protractor takes a fine threshold in points of stability, reliability, Performance, and Code complexity. To perform end-to-end testing, protractor uses different locator strategies to locate web elementsLet’s get started with the handling Continue Reading

Protractor: One stop for Web/Mobile Application Testing

Reading Time: 2 minutes Automation testing processes are gaining popularity in order to have a degree of excellence in terms of speed quality and accuracy. A strategy to adopt Automation Testing should clearly define the scope of the tool selected for execution. In contrast with the past, Angular has been a boost with the provision of the next generation framework and uses HTML to define the application’s user interface. Continue Reading