Author: Komal Rajpal

Cucumber Tags and Hooks

Reading Time: 3 minutes In continuation of my cucumber series, this blog will help us clear the concept of using cucumber tags and hooks. We will look at some practical approach and how a lot of time can be saved by using different tags and hooks. What are cucumber tags and hooks? Now, tagging is nothing but a simple annotation. So, you can provide your annotation using a conventional Continue Reading

Adding Test Case To Cucumber Files

Reading Time: 3 minutes In continuation with my previous blog, complete eclipse setup for cucumber, this blog will help us in adding Test Case To Cucumber files and thus, creating a sample project. In first place, we have covered step 1 to step 4. Likewise,we will go ahead from step 5 to step 7 Adding Test case To Cucumber Feature File Step 5 :Firstly, Adding data to your first Continue Reading

Complete Eclipse Setup for Cucumber

Reading Time: 2 minutes Previously, in my Cucumber with the Selenium series, we have seen different types of files and keywords necessary for being the part of cucumber framework. You can find the link here. Moving forward, in this blog we will see Complete Eclipse Setup for Cucumber and convert the same thing into code. Step wise guide to setup cucumber framework Step 1 :Let’s start creating a maven Continue Reading

Cucumber Framework

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hi All! Welcome to a series of Cucumber Framework with Java. With lots of buzz in the IT industry, Cucumber has acquired a trendsetter position. Let’s have an insight of cucumber in this and coming series of blogs. Happy learning. Why Cucumber Framework? So far, in my previous blogs, I have covered the Selenium topics with TestNG. It is also known as a TDD approach. Continue Reading

Automating Windows Controls in Selenium

Reading Time: 3 minutes Welcome again!Ever think of handling Windows Controls via Selenium?Many times we come across the situation where we need to click on a button and a new pop up window appears, for instance, in case of File upload. We need to switch to that window which is either our drive or the local machine. Selection a file from a local machine or drive does not belong Continue Reading

Logging Framework – Log4j

Reading Time: 2 minutes Welcome folks!In most of the client calls, we come across the following questions :– “Send me the entire logs of the file”– “I want the logs with timestamp”– “I want the log file of the last week” etcetera.To help us with all the above questions, Apache guys have provided us with a logging framework – Log4j What is Log4j? Log4j is a reliable, fast and Continue Reading

Selenium Grid – Architecture and Setup

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ever thought of improving the delivery timelines? Running selenium tests on the local machine is not a stopping point for automation test scripts, rather it should have enhanced capabilities to run multiple test scripts on different runtime environments and operating systems. Here comes the role of Selenium Grid What is Selenium Grid? Selenium grid is the concept of selenium where the code we write is Continue Reading

What lies in Selenium waits?

Reading Time: 2 minutes What are waits? And why do we need waits in Selenium? Making an application grow might be one of the pain points for the industry. When it comes to QAing an application via automation, Selenium waits play a key role! If there is a time lag, we can use these commands while executing our test script or doing any kind of dynamic testing. While a Continue Reading

Date Picker Made-Easy using Selenium

Reading Time: 3 minutes What’s this blog all about? Folks, it’s selenium 3(stable) already! Thinking about how date picker works made me write this blog post! As a part of learning selenium webdriver, you all must have gone through different date pickers. Every e-commerce, banking, insurance, travel websites plus rewards and sales portals and other applications use different calendars for picking up the date. With the course of UI Continue Reading

Understanding of Protractor Promises

Reading Time: 3 minutes Introduction In the previous blog, we discussed how can the UI elements be detected using the Protractor locator strategies. Now that we know that protractor works with Javascript, which is asynchronous in nature, so the sequence of execution is sometimes disrupted and thus the expected results are not returned. Javascript is a single-threaded scripting language, this means that two bits of code cannot run at the same Continue Reading

Getting started with Protractor UI Elements

Reading Time: 2 minutes You must have recalled from my previous blog how and why protractor turns out to be the most trending testing tool in the market. With the acceleration of java Script frameworks like Angular, protractor takes a fine threshold in points of stability, reliability, Performance, and Code complexity. To perform end-to-end testing, protractor uses different locator strategies to locate web elementsLet’s get started with the handling Continue Reading

Protractor: One stop for Web/Mobile Application Testing

Reading Time: 2 minutes Automation testing processes are gaining popularity in order to have a degree of excellence in terms of speed quality and accuracy. A strategy to adopt Automation Testing should clearly define the scope of the tool selected for execution. In contrast with the past, Angular has been a boost with the provision of the next generation framework and uses HTML to define the application’s user interface. Continue Reading