Author: Megha Jatana

Wondering how to upgrade your skills in the pandemic? Here’s a simple way you can do it.

Reading Time: 3 minutes Corona Virus Pandemic has brought the world to a standstill. Countries are on a major lockdown. Schools, colleges, theatres, gym, clubs, and all other public places are shut down, the country’s economy is suffering, human health is on stake, people are losing their jobs and nobody knows how worse it can get. Since most of the places are on lockdown, and you are working from Continue Reading

Working with Lists in Scala

Reading Time: 4 minutes Lists in Scala is the most widely used Scala collection. There are both mutable and immutable version of list. However, we will be using an immutable version of lists.

Kick-start to a Play Framework

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hello everyone, welcome to my blog 🙂In this blog we’ll get familiar with some basic concepts of play framework. Play is a full-stack framework with all of the components you need to build a Web Application or a REST service, including: an integrated HTTP server, form handling, Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection, a powerful routing mechanism, I18n support, and many more. Why Play? Its Model-View-Controller Continue Reading

Knoldus Tech Hub: Accelerate your learning and development

Reading Time: 2 minutes Knoldus Tech Hub is the one-stop solution to all your development requirement. You can learn and kickstart your development with these pre-built templates in no time. We have showcased all the technologies that are being used at knoldus and templates that can  make a good getting started experience for developers. Easy Learning: Learn and understand a particular topic of technology in a programmatic way and Continue Reading

Let us have a tour on Scala

Reading Time: 8 minutes Hello Readers,If you want to explore what is Scala, why we use Scala and would like to explore some basic concepts of Scala, then this blog is for you.If you’re a Java programmer, for example, reading this blog will surely expose you to many concepts of Scala. The name Scala stands for “scalable language”.  The language is so named because it was designed to grow Continue Reading