Author: Mahesh Dongare

Quick start with Kubernetes pod lifecycle

Reading Time: 2 minutes What is Kubernetes ? Kubernetes, also known as K8s, is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. What is a Pod in kubernetes ? Pods are the smallest, most basic deployable objects in Kubernetes. A Pod represents a single instance of a running process in your cluster. Pods contain one or more containers, such as Docker containers. When a Pod runs Continue Reading

How to add secrets in Hashicorp vault via GUI?

Reading Time: 2 minutes What is Hashicorp Vault ? HashiCorp Vault is an identity-based secrets and encryption management system. A secret is anything that you want to tightly control access to, such as API encryption keys, passwords, and certificates. Vault provides encryption services that are gated by authentication and authorization methods. What is the use of secrets ? In the micro services world our containers were need to be Continue Reading