Author: Manjot Kaur

Scheduling Jobs with Akka Scheduler

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hey folks, in this blog I am going to explain how can you schedule jobs that you want to repeat over a certain period of time with the help of Akka Scheduler. Suppose you have a use-case in which you want some cleaning background process to run a cleanup-repository method to delete records after a fixed interval of time, then look nowhere else because Akka scheduler Continue Reading

Mocking Methods for Testing Akka Http Routes

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hey folks, in this blog I am going to explain how to write unit test cases for the routes in Akka Http. First and foremost the test cases should not hit our backend logic, remember that we are only testing our routes, routes basically form the controller layer in our application. They control the request/response cycle. They tell that which business logic should respond to Continue Reading

Running Multinode Cassandra Cluster on a Single Machine

Reading Time: 5 minutes Hey folks, in this blog I am going to discuss how can you set up a Cassandra cluster on a single machine. This situation is not ideal because being a scalable distributed NoSQL database, Cassandra cluster runs on machines/nodes spanning across different geographical places. But if you are someone who has just started studying Cassandra and wants to get a feel of how the cluster is Continue Reading

Scorex: A Modular Blockchain, Scala Framework

Reading Time: 5 minutes Scorex is an open-source project written in Scala with loosely coupled and pluggable components. Scorex provides many abstractions for which you have to provide concrete implementations to make the Blockchain as per your requirements on the top of Scorex. It is backed by IOHK, a technology company based in Hong Kong. Scorex is still experimental and raw. It appears to be in an early stage of development. All the Continue Reading