Author: Mayura Zadane

Model Evaluation Metrics for Machine Learning Algorithms

Reading Time: 6 minutes When you build any Machine Learning model, all the audiences including the stakeholders always have only one question, what is the model performance? What are the model evaluation metrics? What is the accuracy of model? Model Evaluation metrics explains the performance of models. Evaluating your developed model helps you refine and improve your model. You keep developing and evaluating a model until you reach an Continue Reading

Ensemble Learning & its Methods in Machine Learning

Reading Time: 5 minutes What is ensemble learning ? Ensemble models in machine learning combine the decisions from multiple models to improve the overall performance. They operate on the similar idea as employed while buying headphones. The main causes of error in learning models are due to noise, bias and variance. Ensemble methods help to minimize these factors. These methods are designed to improve the stability and the accuracy Continue Reading

Text Data Vectorization Techniques in Natural Language Processing

Reading Time: 6 minutes Features in any Machine Learning algorithms are generally numerical data on which we can easily perform any mathematical operations. But Machine Learning algorithms cannot work on raw text data. Machine Learning algorithms can only process numerical representation in form of vector(matrix) of actual text. For converting textual data into numerical representation of features we can use the following text vectorization techniques in Natural Language Processing. Continue Reading

Know basics of OpenCV for Image Processing in Python

Reading Time: 5 minutes OpenCV known as Open Source Computer Vision, is a library in Python used for Computer Vision and Image Processing Tasks. It has a modular structure and includes several shared and static libraries. OpenCV can be used in languages such as Python, C++, Java etc. Some of the applications of OpenCV include Edge Detection, Face Detection, Object Detection, Face Recognition etc. Using OpenCV we can process Continue Reading