Author: Mithilesh

DataMesh: A Web Netting

Reading Time: 4 minutes Enterprises Data Challenges? Global data creation is projected to exceed 180 zettabytes in the next five years. Current data platforms have several architectural failures that hinder enterprise data processing and inhibit business growth. How today’s enterprise data is managed? Today’s technology and organization design divide the data into two categories – operational data and analytical data. Operational data is transactional. Stored into RDBMS at the backend and helps the Continue Reading

Debugging Apache Beam Pipeline

Reading Time: 2 minutes Overview Apache Beam is known as one of the widely used frameworks for Stream and Batch processing in a distributed environment and provides some very unique features. It is an open-source, unified bulk data processing framework that supports data processing through various SDKs that allow the execution of pipelines in different processing engines/runners. Beam Apache runners : Spark Flink Apex Google Cloud Dataflow DirectRunner. A Continue Reading

MICRONAUT: A Reflection-Free JVM Framework

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is Micronaut Micronaut is an Open Source Java-based application framework. . It is designed to develop and test low-memory Micro-services and Serverless applications with fast startup time and low memory consumption. Micronaut has supports for other platforms like Kotlin, Groovy and Build tools like Maven and Gradle. It was introduced in March-2018 by Object Computing Inc (Creators of the Grails framework). Micronaut At Technology Continue Reading