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KnolX Session: FitNesse With Scala

This time I gave KnolX session on FitNesse. We have been using it for BDD and acceptance tests for projects at Knoldus. FitNesse is excellent for increasing collaboration between developers, testers and customers. Making FitNesse work with Scala does not…

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Knolx Session: Using Akka Futures

I presented Akka Futures at Knolx session at Knoldus. This session I talked about basics of Futures. Examples were similar to my posts on Akka Futures: Using For Expression and Akka Futures In Scala With A Simple Example.

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Akka Futures: Using For Comprehensions

In my previous post I discussed about composing Futures. I also discussed that Futures are monadic and they can be composed using map or flatmap. Since, for comprehension is just a sugar on top we can use it as well.…

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Akka Actor And Futures

This presentation was presented at Knolx session. It was presented before my last post on Akka Futures with a simple example. It focusses on Akka 2.0 and Akka Futures. Please note that in latest Akka version which is for scala…

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Akka Futures In Scala With A Simple Example

We use Akka Futures extensively for a product built to handle huge load of streaming data. We have been early adopters of Akka and been using it right from its Akka 1.1.X days. We found Futures as simple yet powerful…

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Knolx Session: Data Structures In Scala

This Knolx session we went about discussing data structures. I talked about simple data structures like Queue and Binary Search Tree and their possible implementation in Scala. The idea was to know about a bit of Functional data structures and…

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Working With Elasticsearch In Scala

Elasticsearch is an open-source, restful, distributed, search engine built on top of apache-lucene. You can read it more on their website. We have an application built in scala with sbt as our build tool. Now we required to have a…

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Knolx Session: Category Theory In Scala

This session was presented at Knoldus knowledge session. There is a wonderful post on Category Theory by Debashish Ghosh. This presentation is inspired by his post here. Here is the presentation.

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Knolx Sesion: Akka 2.0 Reloaded

Akka allows us to write concurrent, fault tolerant and scalable applications. We recently migrated our product from Akka 1.3x to Akka 2.x. The new version is quite different from 1.3x versions. It is not merely an API change but an…

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Knolx Session: Introducing Scala

We organize KnolX sessions regularly at Knoldus so that our learning spreads in our organisation. This KnolX session had Scala flavor written all over it. We believe in experiential learning. This session has code examples which Knolders tried while I…