Author: Mukesh Kumar

Tags In Cucumber Framework

Reading Time: 2 minutes In this blog, we are going to discuss Tags In Cucumber Framework. When we work on any real-life project, we have a huge number of scenarios in a single feature file and can have many feature files. Generally we create separate feature files based on various features in our real-life project. When we have scenarios and features which runs every time. But when we need Continue Reading

How to execute Selenium script in JMeter

Reading Time: 2 minutes In this blog, we are going to discuss How to execute Selenium script in JMeter. Basically JMeter was developed to provide open source performance and load testing solution. Initially, JMeter was designed for testing web applications. Later it expands to other test functions. We can also perform functional testing using JMeter. Why it is needed:- In the current scenario, we are using much-advanced technology such Continue Reading

windows handling using selenium webdriver

Reading Time: 3 minutes Selenium is one of the most loved UI automation tools. Selenium makes tester’s life easier. And for those who don’t know this beautiful tool can start with this baby steps in exploring this tool. windows handling is one of the basic problems when we are talking about UI Automation. Pr-requisites:- Java:- As programming language. Eclipse:- As an IDE where we’ll write code. Selenium plugin:- we’ll Continue Reading

Test Dependency in TestNG

Reading Time: 3 minutes Test Dependency :- Test Dependency in TestNG is one of the useful feature in TestNG framework. It allows a test method to depend on some other method or methods. Test Dependency allows us to make one test method dependent on one or multiple other test methods. we need to pass attribute ‘dependsOnMethods’ to ‘@Test’ annotation and then pass the names of the methods which were Continue Reading

TestNG Listners: ITestlistners in TestNG(Part 1)

Reading Time: 3 minutes TestNG provides the @Listeners annotation which heedfully auricularly discerns every event that occurs in a selenium code. Listeners are activated either afore the test or after the test case. It is an interface that modifies the TestNG comportment. For example, when you are running a test case either through selenium or appium and suddenly a test case fails. We require a screenshot of the test Continue Reading


REST Assured: A beginner’s guide for REST API testing.

Reading Time: 3 minutes Automated Rest services testing using REST Assured library. Introductory guide for REST Assured library. basic understanding of its use and requirement.

Difference between Mockito and JMockit

Reading Time: 2 minutes A Brief analysis on Mockito And Jmockit Mockito JMockit 1. We can achieve Static method/constructor mocking by the combination of Mockito with Powermock. 1. Static method/constructor can be mocked directly in JMockit. 2. The Mockito API contains several inconsistencies in the syntax used for invocations to mocked methods. In the record phase, we have calls like when(mock.mockedMethod(args))… while in the verify phase this same call Continue Reading