Author: Neha Singh


How SNS works?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Introduction: SNS is something kind of simple notification service which is given by Amazon. You have many other notifications always out there even Google provides a notification service. But today we are going to discuss this Amazon simple notification service. On one note if I want to say, in SNS there is something called push notification. For many of your products whether it can be Continue Reading

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Chef Inspec Configuration Steps

Reading Time: 2 minutes Introduction: Hello Readers. In this blog, we are going to see how to configure chef inspec in our local system to execute the tests. Chef is an open-source testing framework. They are used to test or validate the configurations, security components as per the client’s requirements or organization’s requirements. It is mainly used to test infrastructure configurations. we can even test cloud services such as Continue Reading

How To Build a CI/CD Pipeline in Azure DevOps

Reading Time: 5 minutes Azure DevOps by Microsoft Azure is one of the leading tools that automate CI/CD’s process and in turn supports automatic builds and code projects to make them available to others. The Azure pipelines combine Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) to consistently test and build the code and ship it to the target environment. What is a CI/CD Pipeline? A CI/CD pipeline is used to automate Continue Reading

Where Are Docker Images Stored on the Host Machine?

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Docker Images and other objects are store inside the docker directory in the local machine. They are depending upon the default storage driver used by the machine. When we create Docker objects such as images, containers, volumes, etc. all these objects are store inside a directory in our local machine. By default, all the Docker objects are store in the following directory. The contents Continue Reading

How to Combine Developer Skills and Automation to Achieve DevOps Success

Reading Time: 3 minutes Adopting DevOps practices opens up a wide range of new possibilities to improve software development from human resources to tools. In this respect, developer skills and automation are some of the key areas. The Value of Developer Skills and Automation In a DevOps setting, developers play a crucial role in a number of ways. They help to translate the desired software solution into actual instructions Continue Reading

How To Use Shared Libraries In A Jenkins Pipeline?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Jenkins Pipeline:  the Jenkins, a pipeline is the smallest unit every Jenkins user interacts with. Jenkinsfile is just a text file where we write pipeline code to define the Jenkins pipeline. It can be check into source control like Git along with our project source code. In most cases, every application will have its own Jenkinsfile to build, test & deploy. There are two ways Continue Reading


Introduction to Multi-Tenancy in Kubernetes

Reading Time: 3 minutes What Is Multi-Tenancy? Multi-tenancy is the ability to run workload belonging to different entities in a way that each entity’s workload are segregate from the others. It is an idea of sharing a single instance of an application or software among various tenants called multi-tenancy. This approach is very popular since the rise of cloud environments. From the beginning of Kubernetes, developers and administrators need the Continue Reading

Comparison between proxy and reverse proxy server

Reading Time: 3 minutes Proxy server: A proxy server sometimes referred to as a forward proxy. Proxy server is a server that routes the traffic between clients and another system. There are a couple of places in a typical web application flow where having a proxy makes sense and it is very common when we type in the URL and hit enter. Let’s say we want to enter Facebook Continue Reading