Author: Nishchal Vashisht

Implementing Bots in DAML Application

Reading Time: 4 minutes In this blog, we will explore the Bots in DAML, we will start with basic introduction about Bots than we move to why do we need it and how we can implements Bots in our DAML Application. Before moving forward, I assume that you know basic of DAML if not then please read this blog. What is a Bot? A bot is a software application Continue Reading

Extracting Party data from Ledger in DAML

Reading Time: 5 minutes In this blog, we will see what is extractor in DAML , why it is used and how to use it with a simple demo application. Before moving further I assume that you know basic of DAML if not then please read this blog. What is Extractor ? Extractor in DAML is use to extract contract data for a single party from a Ledger node Continue Reading

Troubleshooting in DAML Models

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sometimes while creating our DAML Models we often do some mistakes, which interrupt our basic flow. Inspite of good DAML Design which we discussed in our previous blog, we may make some mistakes while creating Templates. Before moving further we assume that you know how to write Templates in DAML if not then please go through with this blog. Some of the errors we face Continue Reading

Building DAML Applications with Scala Bindings

Reading Time: 3 minutes “Blockchain by itself isn’t transformational, however it is foundational. As a foundational innovation, Blockchain’s value can only be fully realized when the business process is transformed to take advantage of its capabilities, leading to ROI for existing business models and the ability to create value through new ones.”  Said by  ― Tom Golway, Planning and Managing ATM Networks So, what is a Blockchain ? Blockchain Continue Reading