Author: Nitesh

Setting up the Play Framework

Reading Time: 2 minutes What Play is? Play is a high productivity Java and Scala web application framework that integrates the components and APIs you need to the modern web application. It is a Web framework whose HTTP interface is simple and powerful. Play Requirements: To function correctly, the Play application only needs to include the Play JAR files. Because these JAR files are published to the Maven Repository, Continue Reading

Default And Named Arguments (Scala)

Reading Time: 2 minutes Overview In this blog, we are going to discuss the support of default and named arguments in SCALA. The method that takes multiple parameters of the same types is subject to mistakes that are invisible during compile time exchanging two arguments of the same type does not result in an error, but it can produce an unexpected outcome. Adding named parameters can simply solve this Continue Reading

Scala Pattern Matching | Have A Look On Basics

Reading Time: 3 minutes Pattern matching is the process of checking whether a specific sequence of characters/tokens/data exists among the given data. In Scala Pattern Matching is one of the most powerful feature which is basically similar to the switch statements in C , C++ or JAVA. Pattern Matching in Scala : It is the mechanism of checking a value against pattern. It gives a way of checking the Continue Reading

Akka Actors: Introduction and its Functionality

Reading Time: 3 minutes Here in this blog i am going to explain what is an Akka Actor and how we actually work with Akka Actors. What is Akka Akka is a toolkit for building highly concurrent, distributed and resilient message- driven application for Scala and java. Akka support several programming models for concurrency. it is very useful for writing server – side scalable applications. Using Akka it is Continue Reading

Installing SBT On Linux Operating System

Reading Time: 2 minutes Introduction Hi, welcome to the blog, I hope this blog will help you to get started with SBT on your Linux System. Let’s get the party started… What is Sbt? Sbt is an interactive build tool for scala, and it is an open-source cross-platform build tool. The main features of Sbt are: Scala-based build definition that can use the full flexibility of Scala code. Native Continue Reading