Author: Pankaj Chaudhary

Prolance: Protocol Surveillance tool in Rust

Reading Time: 4 minutes Prolance is a tool that can monitor the running protocols on the server. So with the help of this tool, we can keep track of all the protocols. As of now, we have implemented this tool for two protocols those are Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and Active Directory (AD). Advertisements


Procespy: Process Monitoring tool in Rust

Reading Time: 3 minutes Procespy is a process Monitoring tool for Linux distributions, it helps the user to keep track of the running services in the system with their memory utilisation.This tool will allow the user to set the threshold for a particular service in respect of memory utilisation. If any service will cross its threshold value then the process will terminate by providing a popup with a message Continue Reading

Closer Scrutiny of Rust Collections [Part-2]

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Collections are the general-purpose programming data structures provided by Rust’s Standard library. Rust can provide many cool implementations of data structures like Vector, Linked list, Hash map, BTreeMap, etc. Hello, folks!  your wait is over, here is the second blog of Closer Scrutiny of Rust Collections. I hope you have learned a lot from the first part. It’s better to go with the previous blog first to gain more understanding about Collections.We Continue Reading

Closer Scrutiny of Rust Collections

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Collections are the general-purpose programming data structures provided by Rust’s Standard library. In Rust, the collections can make possible for two libraries to communicate without significant data conversion. Rust can provide many cool implementations of data structures like Vector, Linked list, Hash map, etc. Rust Collections can save the data into the Heap, collections decide the size on run-time instead of compile time. This Continue Reading

Generalising Types and Functionalities using Generics in Rust

Reading Time: 4 minutes Generics is the way by which we can generalising types and functionalities of the function, structure, etc. Sometimes, we face a problem in which we want to perform the same operation by different types, that time we can implement the same function twice for both types. It can add redundancy to our code. By the use of Generics, we can remove that redundancy.

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