Author: Paras Jain

How to integrate OTP input in Angular

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hi folks, Welcome again! I hope you are doing well. I am thrilled to see you here. So today, we talk about the OTP input and look at how we can integrate OTP input in an angular project.  Also, In this blog, you will get a logical understanding of OTP input, what it can and can’t do, and also, you will get a piece of Continue Reading

An Expert Guide Text Compression Using Brotli and Gzip-(Angular in 2023)

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hi folks, Welcome again! Hope you are doing well. I am thrilled to see you here. So today, we will talk about the compression of text-based resources in an Angular project by operating it with brotli and Gzip. So, before talking about that part, let’s examine “What are Brotli and Gzip?”. What is Brotli? In case you’ve never heard of it. We can call Brotli Continue Reading


ActivatedRouteSnapshot Class to Ease Your Routing Life in Angular

Reading Time: 3 minutes Routing is the most common and important feature in each and every application perhaps it is a web or a mobile one.So, In this blog, we are going to talk about the ActivatedRouteSnapshot and its properties which helps the developer to establish the roadmap of routing in an application. So before diving deep into ActivatedRouteSnapshot let’s start we a question what is ActivatedRouteSnapshot? What is Continue Reading

The Ultimate Inventory of Http Response Status

Reading Time: 4 minutes Hi folks, Hope you are doing well.I am very happy to see you here again. So let’s dive into the ultimate inventory of the Http response status codes. Many times during the development we ignore the HTTP response while working with the APIs requests but all these response codes are really important to control the flow, logic, and mechanism.  Introduction When a developer raises a Continue Reading

Single Sign On(SSO) with Amazon and Facebook in Angular

Reading Time: 4 minutes Introduction In the blog, we are going to learn about Amazon and Facebook single sign-on using angularx social login package with the help of an example. We will create a simple login button for Amazon and Facebook. When a user clicks the app permission page will appear. Here you will discover how to create a login with Facebook and Amazon in Angular using OAuth Social Continue Reading

Hoisting in Javascript: The Complete Overview

Reading Time: 5 minutes Hoisting in javascript refers to the process whereby the interpreter appears to move the declaration of functions, variables(var, let, const), or classes to the top of their scope, prior to execution of the code or we can say that while compiling the code. Also, Hoisting is a concept in JavaScript, not a feature. So let’s take a look into this concept. Introduction to the JavaScript Continue Reading

The Guide To View State Selector(Design Pattern)

Reading Time: 4 minutes As a developer, we all may have noticed a repetitive boilerplate code of displaying a loader while an asynchronous request is being processed, and then switching to the main view or displaying an error for that particular asynchronous request. In this blog, we will learn about the Angular View State Selector which helps developers to reduce the repetitive boiler plate from the code. Introduction While Continue Reading

What Is RegEx? Its Importance and How To Use It.

Reading Time: 6 minutes In this blog, you will get a logical understanding of what is RegEx, what it can do, and what it can’t do, and also you will get a piece of knowledge about when to use them and — more importantly — when not to. So Let’s start. Introduction On an abstract level a regular expression, regex for short, is a shorthand representation for a set Continue Reading

Things That Make You Love Machine Learning

Reading Time: 3 minutes This blog is about Machine Learning and its overview. What is Machine? In a simple sentence, we can say that it is the functional system made by humans which follows some steps defined by the person who made it. The system consists of functional properties and this model is called a system architecture model. This is used to perform a particular task that reduces human Continue Reading