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Meetup: Reactive Programming using scala and akka

In this meetup which was a part of our ongoing knolx session, i talked about reactive programming using scala and akka. Reactive programming is all about developing responsive applications built on the top of event-driven, resilient and scalable architecture. Below…

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Scaldi: Dependency injection library in scala

Scaldi is the lightweight dependency injection library written in scala and it provides scala DSL for binding dependencies and injecting them. Its depends on three concepts. Injector - container for bindings. Module -  where we define bindings and it extends Injector.…

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How to integrate typesafe console with akka-scala based application

We are working on a akka-scala based project. We needed to monitor the akka actors related activities and their profile so we integrated typesafe console with our application. So i am going to tell here how to integrate it with…

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How to create a priority based mailbox for an akka actor

There are some situations when you want an actor to process certain messages first and then other ones. So, I am going to demonstrate how to create a priority based mailbox for an actor. Suppose we have an actor. Now…

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Knolx session : Monoids in Scala

This presentation is the part of our on-going knolx session. It is brief introduction to monoids in scala. Monoids are the certain common pattern followed by the various data types of a programming language. They are the simple algebraic structure governed…

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KnolX Session: Testing Akka Actors Using TestKit

In the presentation which is the part of our ongoing Knolx session, we discussed about how to test Akka actors using Testkit. By using testkit we can test Actor's behaviour, apply time assertions on actor's reply and we can also…

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ElasticSearch: How to index data in bulk in elasticsearch with scala using java Bulk API.

Elasticsearch is an open-source, restful, distributed, search engine built on top of apache-lucene.In this post, we will learn to use elasticsearch java api in Scala to index data using BulkRequest. we will begin with adding dependency of elasticsearch in the…

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Akka Futures and Akka Remoting

In this presentation which is a part of our ongoing knolX session, i talked about  Akka Futures, how to compose them using  for comprehensions. Since Future is a monad,  I also illustrated how to apply methods like map, flatmap  on…

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Knolx Session: Implicit Conversions and Parameters

This session was presented at Knolx Session at Knoldus. I introduced implicit conversions and parameters in scala. Implicit conversion allows us to fix type errors and allows us to define new methods on existing library. Here is the presentation