Author: Prachi singh

Doing Agile Vs Being Agile

Reading Time: 4 minutes Doing Agile can be achieved overnight, Being Agile is a journey. To use sport as an analogy, anybody can pick up a swim float, or a swimming costume and begin swimming. However to come to be a swimmer one ought to undertake the swimmer ideas (take rest days, strokes schooling in addition to underwater breath patience, etc.) and values (area, perseverance, never giving up, etc.) Continue Reading

SCRUMBAN- Stop Starting, Start Finishing

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is Scrumban Scrumban is a hybrid Agile framework combined from Scrum and Kanban. It’s a great transition step from scrum to Kanban.  A 2 week iteration with a pull based system is recommended to minimise batching of work and making this model effective. When to use Scrumban 1- Scrumban is a great solution for teams who need the structure of Scrum with the flexibility Continue Reading