Author: Pranjut Gogoi

(Code Dissection) Akka Quartz Scheduler – Scala’s way of scheduling

Reading Time: 5 minutes Alright fellas, put your mask on ! we are about to do a dissection of a scala library called Akka Quartz Scheduler. (Eww!@#$* does it stink?) Well not literally, lets find out what is it first, then according to your nose you will get to know how does it smell 😀 :D. Akka Quartz Scheduler is a library which gets used for scheduling jobs. Now Continue Reading

Play framework security with Silhouette

Reading Time: 6 minutes Silhouette is a security library for Play framework. Its basically a core only fork of Secure Social, which is another security library for play framework. Secure Social is a great framework for lots of user but my experience with secure social is not that good, nor with some of my friends and colleagues who use Play framework in their application. It’s been thrown out from Continue Reading

Digging Macroid – The first sod (Scala on Android)

Reading Time: 3 minutes Android, an operating system runs on millions of devices, based on Linux Kernel and and uses Dalvik/ ART as their process virtual machine with trace-based just-in-time compilation to run Dalvik “dex-code”, which is usually translated from the Java bytecode.Most of the application that runs on Android are made with Java , which is an imperative programming language with powerful features. However rise of the functional Continue Reading