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How to manage Unplanned work in a Sprint

Reading Time: 7 minutes Introduction Sprints are a great way to manage work and prioritize tasks. But what happens when an unplanned item comes up? How do you deal with it? In this article, we’ll explore how to manage unplanned work in a Sprint and make sure everyone on your team is working toward the same goals. Unplanned work is a part of life as a product manager. You Continue Reading

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Design Thinking in Project Management

Reading Time: 6 minutes Design thinking is a problem-solving approach that places the needs and experiences of the end-user at the center of the process. It is a human-centered approach to innovation and problem-solving that involves empathy, creativity, and experimentation. In project management, design thinking is used to develop innovative solutions to complex problems, with the goal of creating products or services that meet the needs of the end-user. Continue Reading

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How to create Agile Release Plan

Reading Time: 5 minutes The agile release plan helps in align the teams by managing multiple phases that can pitch into a creative and innovative problem- working. Your agile release plan will eventually display what you can anticipate out of each sprint and insure your pains are ray- concentrated. What is Agile Release Plan? Agile release planning is a procedure that enables development teams and product holders to read the compass of their systems for optimizing coffers and people. It helps in bettering the quality of work committed, minimizing loss, and perfecting success rates. Agile release planning is a product Continue Reading

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What is Nexus Framework

Reading Time: 8 minutes The Nexus framework was created by Ken Schwaber,co-creator of the Scrum framework, and wasreleased by his association,, along with a body of knowledge, the Nexus Guide.Nexus is grounded on the Scrum framework and uses an iterative and step-by-step approach to spanningsoftware and product development. Nexus augments Scrum minimally with one substitute part and somedistended events and artifacts. It preserves Scrum. As Ken describes it, “ Nexus is the exoskeleton ofScrum. ” A Nexus consists of 3- 9 Scrum Teams working out on a single Product Backlog to make an IntegratedIncrement that meets a design. Nexus has a single Product Owner who manages a single product. Continue Reading

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How to Create Sprints in Jira

Reading Time: 6 minutes In this blog post, we’ll be holding a look at precisely what sprints are and why you should apply them within your association. We also have some proficient tips on how you can produce a flourishing sprint proceeding in Jira so that you can start catching results snappily and efficiently. What is Sprint in Jira? A sprint is a fixed time period in an uninterrupted Continue Reading

Tips to write User stories

Reading Time: 4 minutes Before starting on tips to write user stories, let’s first understand what a User Story, who owns the User Story, the elements of the User Story, etc is. What is a User Story? A user story is the lowest unit of work in an Agile frame. It’s an end aim, not a point, expressed from the software user’s perspective. A user story is an informal, Continue Reading

An Ideal Sprint Length in Scrum

Reading Time: 3 minutes When the teams start working in the Scrum methodology within Agile project management one thing comes into everyone’s mind i.e; Sprint. In this blog, we will come to know What is Sprint?? How long it could be?? Who determines Sprint Lenght etc. What is Sprint Lenght? The life span of a sprint is called Sprint length. While there’s no hard-and-fast rule, the thumb rule is Continue Reading


The reason why to not modify Scrum

Reading Time: 4 minutes Remember that Scrum is a frame, not a set of work instructions. The Scrum frame is veritably feather-light, but what it includes is essential. Every piece of the frame is there for a reason. Making the following variations can come with negative consequences. 1)  Not having a Product Owner There are three accountabilities in Scrum: The Scrum Master is primarily responsible for perfecting the stepping down of Scrum within the association. The Developers do the work of Continue Reading

Top Skills of a Scrum Master

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hello everyone, I know for a beginner it used to very difficult to understand what are skills a person should have to become a Scrum Master. In this blog, I am going to discuss the top skills of the Scrum Master. Before moving to know the top skills of Scrum Master we should know who is Scrum Master? Who is a scrum master? Scrum Master Continue Reading

Difference between Product Owner and Product Manager

Reading Time: 4 minutes Scrum is a powerful and lightweight agile framework mainly used for implementing various iterative and incremental projects. Transitioning to scrum brings in quite a lot of new job roles that seem quite confusing when compared to traditional job roles. The product owner and product manager are the two among various job roles. Product owners and product managers tend to work towards the same goals and Continue Reading

How to fail as an Agile Coach

Reading Time: 5 minutes Scrum defines three specific accountabilities within the Scrum Team: the Developers, the Product Owner, and the Scrum Master. — Scrum Guide 2020 When it comes to the Scrum framework, these three roles with their liability are the minimum required to deliver a potentially “done” Increment. The fact that Scrum doesn’t define other roles/positions/functions doesn’t rule out the fact that their liability isn’t valuable. A Scrum Continue Reading

What is a Scrum Master and its roles and responsibilities.

Reading Time: 4 minutes Hello everyone, I use to hear a lot of questions regarding the scrum master. So today we are going to know about the scrum master, and his/her roles and responsibilities What is a Scrum Master? Scrum master is the servant leader liable for ensuring the team lives agile values and principles and follows the processes and practices. The Scrum Master is usually considered a teacher Continue Reading