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Introduction to Scala Parser And Combinators

Scala parser combinators are a Powerful way to build parsers that can be used in everyday programs. But it’s hard to understand the plumbing pieces and how to get started. After you get the first couple of samples to compile … Continue reading

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Creating A Simple Hive Udf In Scala

Sometimes the query you want to write can’t be expressed easily (or at all) using the built-in functions that Hive provides. By allowing you to write a user-defined function (UDF), Hive makes it easy to plug in your own processing … Continue reading

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Apache flink single node cluster installation

In this blog we will go through apache flink  Single Node installation process,if you are not familiar with what apache flink is and what it do ,you can read from here now lets start with following steps download apache flink … Continue reading

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Simple WordCount Programme In Spark 2.0

In this blog we will write a very basic word count programme in spark 2.0 using intellij and sbt so lets get started if you are not familiar with spark 2.0 you can learn it from here start your intellij and … Continue reading

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Setting Up Multi-Node Hadoop Cluster , just got easy !

Originally posted on Knoldus:
In this blog,we are going to embark the journey of how to setup the Hadoop Multi-Node cluster on a distributed environment. So lets do not waste any time, and let’s get started. Here are steps you…

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Creating A High Order Function From A BiFunction And Predicate In Java8

In this Blog we will be reading about creating a high order function from a bifunction and predicate in java8.Firstly a brief introduction to bifunction,predicate,high order function in java8 Predicate:Predicate in java 8 is used to apply a filter to a … Continue reading

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Services In Angular 2

Services are the building blocks that Angular provides for the definition of the business logic of our applications. In AngularJs 1.x, we had three different ways for defining services: // The Factory method module.factory(‘ServiceName’, function (dep1, dep2, …) { return { … Continue reading

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Introduction to typescript and Angular2

What is Typescript? Typescript is a free and open source programming language developed and maintained by Microsoft,Typescript is a superset of JavaScript Typescript files are compiled to readable JavaScript and there is a source map associated with each each JavaScript … Continue reading

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