Author: Purva Agrawal

What is Ask Pattern in Akka?

Reading Time: 3 minutes After going through the previous blogs, we are now familiar with Akka, Actors, and their implementation (implementing-actors-in-akka). In this blog, we are going to discuss the Ask Pattern in Akka. So, let’s begin. Communication Among Actors In Akka, actors communicate with each other by sending and receiving messages. The messages can be sent in many patterns like- Fire and Forget –The tell() method works on Continue Reading

Implementing Actors in Akka

Reading Time: 2 minutes After going through the previous blog (Introduction to Akka), we are now familiar with the term Akka. In this blog, I am going to talk about Actors and their implementation. So, let’s begin. What Are Actors? Actors were invented in 1973 by Carl Hewitt. Akka is an implementation of the Actor Model. The Actor is the fundamental unit of computation embodying processing, storage, and communication. Continue Reading

Introduction To Akka

Reading Time: 2 minutes In this blog I’m going to talk about Akka – What is Akka, some design principles behind it, and why was it developed. So let’s begin. What is Akka? Akka is a toolkit and runtime for building highly concurrent, distributed, and fault-tolerant message-driven applications on the JVM (Java Virtual Machine). So, understanding each keyword- Toolkit – By toolkit, it means that it’s not heavy-weight. The Continue Reading