Author: Rahul Kashyap

Get Acquaint with Powerful Data Mesh

Reading Time: 2 minutes What is data mesh? Much in the same way that software engineering teams transitioned from monolithic applications to micro service architecture.The data mesh in many ways is the data platform version of micro services. Data mesh is a decentralised approach to share, access, and manage data in complex and large scale environment. Data mesh is a new approach in sourcing, managing, and accessing data for Continue Reading

Get Acquaint with Powerful Apache Beam & Snippet

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Apache Beam Programming Guide is intended for Beam users who want to use the Beam SDKs to create data processing pipelines. It provides guidance for using the Beam SDK classes to build and test your pipeline. The programming guide is not intended as an exhaustive reference, but as a language-agnostic, high-level guide to pro grammatically building your Beam pipeline. As the programming guide is filled out, Continue Reading