Author: Rashmi


Read and Write Capacity Modes in AWS DynamoDB

Reading Time: 4 minutes The read/write capacity modes for processing reads and writes on the tables determine AWS DynamoDB throughput capacity. DynamoDB supports two types of read/write capacity modes: Provisioned (default) On-demand Provisioned Mode In provisioned mode, you must specify the number of reads and writes per second that the application requires. Provisioned throughput is the maximum amount of capacity that an application can consume from a table or index Continue Reading


Concourse and FLY CLI – A Quick Overview

Reading Time: 3 minutes Concourse Concourse is a pipeline-based continuous thing-doer. It is based on the simple mechanics of resources, tasks, and jobs, it presents a generic approach to automation that makes it ideal for CI/CD. Quick Installation Download the docker-compose file For the concourse backend, it includes a concourse server and a PostgreSQL database. wget Run that docker-compose file docker-compose up -d It will be running at Continue Reading