Author: RISHIVANT Singh

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Multipass – A lightweight VM manager.

Reading Time: 2 minutes What is a multipass ? Well a multipass is a lightweight VM manager for Linux , WIndows , Macos. Using this you can get an instant Ubuntu VM in a single command. It is really helpful for those who want a virtual machine at an instant. Suppose a developer wants to test his code on an ubuntu machine, using this he can achieve in a Continue Reading

close up photo of programming of codes

How to query DNS name servers – dig

Reading Time: 3 minutes Do you know that we can examine the DNS using our terminal . Lets talk about the same. dig – (Domain Information Groper) is used for such tasks. It is used to perform task like troubleshooting DNS problems. It also helps to gather DNS information and resolve the queried question from terminal. How to use dig command. Step 1 : dig command installation. Step 2: Continue Reading

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How to boost your CI / CD performance.

Reading Time: 3 minutes The software companies are trying to cope with this competition in delivering solutions as fast as possible.So CI/CD solutions have become a day to day practise to develop and deliver softwares with ease and flexibility. Today we will acknowledge some of the best practise that would certainly maximize performance and reliability. 1 -Environment Reset It is always a good practise to reset your environment after Continue Reading

How to deal with broken package in Linux ?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Linux supports various package managers .These make it powerful to deal with installing softwares and working with them through terminal.Most common apt is really a powerful one to talk about. They are compressed archive which contain programs and files required to run them.The package distribution system is designed to be robust and simplify the application installation process. But what if the package install is wrong Continue Reading


How to start with strings in Golang

Reading Time: 3 minutes Today we will see the working of strings in golang. We all know that immutable data is simple but the program must allocate memory for data change.But sometimes there is no extra memory for that allocation or when you dont want to burden the garbage collector. Whats interesting about Go is that it has its own data type string.At bottom it is still a sequence Continue Reading

Setting up Github-Webhook for localhost

Reading Time: 3 minutes Before starting setting up webhook lets first see what actually Github webhook is. A github webhook aims at providing realtime data to other applications whenever any set of events occur.It is also referred to as a Web Callback often. A webhook is fast because it does it right away. There are a set of instructions specified in github for whatever event you want to take Continue Reading


Configmap – Handling Configurations in Kubernetes.

Reading Time: 4 minutes NOTE: cm stands for configmap wherever it is used in this article Kubernetes is a container orchestration tool which has two types of object to insert configuration into containers – Configmap and Secrets .It allows separating config options into a separate object called ConfigMap, which is a map containing key/value pairs with the values ranging from short literals to full config files. An application doesn’t Continue Reading

Git Submodule- An Overview

Reading Time: 3 minutes 1 – What is a Git Submodule? Actually git provides the feature of git submodule to help projects with this .Sub modules provide the feature of embedding one repository into another as a sub folder. In simple words git allows you to include other repositories into a single repository called parent repository. Now this helps in tracking the changes in all the repositories from a Continue Reading