Author: Rupali

An: Quick Overview of Handling Alerts and popups with Cypress

Reading Time: 2 minutes Alerts and popup in cypress:  Cypress can work with alert by default. The pop-up can be an alert or confirmation popup. Cypress is designed in such a way that it shall always click on the OK button on the pop-up. Moreover, Cypress has the ability to fire browser events. An alert is triggered by window:alert event. This is by default handled by Cypress and the Continue Reading

API testing & How to perform API testing for POST and GET methods in Cypress

Reading Time: 2 minutes In this blog, you will learn to understand how to perform API testing for GET and POST in cypress with code and output. What is an API? API(Application Programming Interface) In software application (app) development, Although API is the middle layer between the presentation (UI) and the database layer. Above all APIs enable communication and data exchange from one software system to another. What is Continue Reading


Assertions and types of assertions in cypress: An Quick Overview

Reading Time: 2 minutes In this blog, we are going to discuss cypress, assertions, and types of assertions in cypress. Cypress:  It is a next-generation front-end testing tool constructed for the modern web. The idea behind creating cypress was to aim at the key pain points that the testers face while executing their testing. For example, synchronization issues, and the inconsistency of tests due to elements not available in Continue Reading

Different types of locators in the selenium framework

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is Selenium? Selenium is one of the most widely used open-source automation tool. In addition, it supports automation across different browsers, platforms, and programming languages. It can be easily install on platforms such as Windows, Linux, Solaris, and also Macintosh. Likewise, it also supports OS (Operating System) for mobile applications like iOS, windows mobile, and android. What are Locators? A locator is a way Continue Reading

Navigate back and forward in the browser using Cypress

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hello readers, In this blog, we will learn about how to navigate backward and forward in cypress. Navigation: As the name suggested, navigation can be defined as a way to go forward and backward to the previous or next URL in the browser history. It is the way that helps users or visitors to find content that they want to see. Cypress: Cypress is a Continue Reading

How to perform Cross-browser Testing with Cypress

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hello Readers,In this blog, we learn about cross-browser testing with cypress. What is Cypress? Cypress is an open-source javascript-based framework for end-to-end testing framework. It is a next-generation front-end testing tool constructed for modern web applications. It works completely on a real browser without the need for driver binaries. Cypress runs on the NodeJS server. It provides us a visual interface to indicate all tests Continue Reading