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Scala Extractors

Type Parameterization and Type System: Introduction

Scala is a static type language, which means types are checked at compile time instead of runtime. Type System provides safety during the compile time because we are detecting the error beforehand as these can be a potential error at runtime. Type parameterization also called as generics combined with Scala’s type system. We can write generic code so that we can reuse that code. Suppose, Continue Reading

Scala Extractors

Traits, Stackable Modification and Linearization in Scala

TraitA trait is similar to a Java interface, but it provides more than those interfaces. A trait can have methods and field definitions, which can then be reused by mixing them into classes.Let’s start by simply defining a trait.Defining a trait: In Java, there wasn’t a concept of abstract variables. Only methods and classes can be abstract. Scala has abstract variables. Thus, in the above Continue Reading

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