Author: Saumya

Introduction to the Jenkinsfile

Reading Time: 5 minutes What is Jenkinsfile?   In Jenkins most of the time we create pipelines from the Jenkins UI (User Interface) or Dashboard, this requires additional effort to create and manage work to test and build multiple projects, it also keeps the configuration of a job to build, test or deploy separately from the actual code being built, tested or deployed., but the interesting thing is that Continue Reading

Version Control Systems (VCS): Why so important?

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is a Version Control System (VCS)? Version Control Systems are basically a category of software tools that helps in saving and identifying the changes made in the files of computer programs, documents, or other collections of information so that it becomes easier to track those changes even after a long period of time. It becomes more interesting and useful for the developers because revisions Continue Reading

Intro to the amazing world of Shell scripting

Reading Time: 7 minutes Shell Scripting A shell script uses the Linux commands to perform a particular task. It provides loop and conditional control structures that repeat Linux commands or make decisions on which commands you want to execute. It will be very easy to learn if you already have some experience in programming (a very basic level will also work fine). Shell Scripting provides automation, makes repetitive task, Continue Reading