Author: Saurabh Suresh Dhotre

Google Cloud Storage

Reading Time: 2 minutes Overview Cloud storage: Cloud storage is a cloud computing version wherein statistics is stored on far-off servers and accessed through a devoted net or personal community connection. The garage infrastructure is maintained, operated, and managed through a cloud storage carrier provider. what’s Google Cloud garage? Cloud storage is a garage provider for Google Cloud. An object is a static piece of facts that includes a file of any layout. She maintains things in packing containers known as buckets. All buckets are related to a project, and you can bring together your tasks underneath a corporation.when you create a venture, you may create buckets in Cloud garage, upload objects in your buckets, and download objects for your buckets. you can also provide permissions to make your records handy to the principals you specify, or – in certain times together with net web hosting – to be reachable to anyone on the public net.Google Cloud storage is an object garage service provided by Google Cloud. It provides very attractive out-of-the-field functions along Continue Reading

Introduction to Pentaho Report function and formulas

Reading Time: 3 minutes prerequisite : basic knowledge of Pentaho Pentaho Reporting offers many capabilities and expressions that can be used all through record advent. A characteristic in Pentaho Reporting is used to calculate a computed value, whilst an expression in Pentaho Reporting is a feature whose scope is constrained to the contemporary dataset row. A feature can also keep nation, gaining access to many rows of information. capabilities Continue Reading

Pentaho – Hadoop Cluster connection

Reading Time: 2 minutes Prerequisite: Basic overview of Pentaho. Using Pentaho you can simply solve all big-data analytics problems easily without writing a single line of code and generate required results/ Output for analysis. It can easily able to establish connections with other Big Data Platforms such as Google Dataproc, Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP)  Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR), etc Also, it can be integrated with its services like HDFS, Continue Reading

Deep Dive into Hadoop Map Reduce Part -2

Reading Time: 8 minutes Prerequisite: Hadoop Basic and understanding of Deep Dive in Hadoop Map reduce Part -1 Blog. MapReduce Tutorial: Introduction In this MapReduce Tutorial blog, I am going to introduce you to MapReduce, which is one of the core building blocks of processing in the Hadoop framework. Before moving ahead, I would suggest you to get familiar with HDFS concepts which I have covered in my previous HDFS tutorial blog. Continue Reading

Deep dive into Map Reduce: Part -1

Reading Time: 5 minutes Prerequisite : Basic concepts of Hadoop and Distributed File system. Map-Reduce Architecture is a programming model and a software framework utilised for preparing enormous measures of data. Map-Reduce program works in two stages, to be specific, Map and Reduce. Map requests that arrange with mapping and splitting of data while Reduce tasks reduce and shuffle the data . Map-Reduce is a programming model Neither platform- nor Continue Reading