Author: Shubham Sharma

The Three Scrum Artifacts

Reading Time: 3 minutes Introduction Scrum artifacts are points that a scrum team and stakeholders use to explain the product in detail. This helps to develop the product and perform actions while working on the project. The three common and most used agile scrum artifacts are product backlog, sprint backlog, and increments. A Small background of scrum Scrum is a framework which consists of rules, roles, events, and artifacts Continue Reading

Why is Project management important in corporation?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Purpose of project management The purpose of project management is to plan and manage project to complete all the goals and deliverables in specific period of time. It involves identifying risks and managing risks, resource management, budget handling, and direct communication across multiple teams and stakeholders. Project management is truly important to clear the vision for what the project aims to accomplish and plan to Continue Reading