Author: Shivam Rajput

Multithreading In Java

Reading Time: 4 minutes Hello Readers, In this blog, we will understand what is Multithreading In Java, the Life cycle of a thread, Thread Class, Thread using a Runnable Interface: What is Multithreading Multithreading is the process of creating multiple threads for executing multiple independent tasks concurrently to complete their execution in less time by using CPU ideal time effectively. All tasks are executed in a single process. Multithreading Continue Reading

[JAVA] Default And Static Method

Reading Time: 3 minutes Overview In this article, We will learn default method and static method in an interface in java 8 new features. Before Java 1.7 we can declare only abstract methods in an Interface. However from Java 1.8 onwards we can write concrete methods also in an Interface. In Interface concrete methods should be either “default” or “static” only. What is Default Method ? The Default Method Continue Reading