Author: Shubham Rawat

MoSCoW Method: How to Make the Best of Prioritization

Reading Time: 2 minutes As a rule, the daily routine includes a bunch of tasks. Ideally, we’ll have enough time and energy to cover all of them – but it just might happen that the number of tasks is immense and the resources available are not in abundance. That’s where prioritization comes in. MoSCoW technique makes the best of prioritization which helps to prioritise tasks based on their value Continue Reading

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What are Key Metrics in Agile

Reading Time: 3 minutes Why Metrics? It helps to measure team productivity, It is the key part of agile philosophy.  It helps to see the team managers and all members see the consequences of their work and use this data to improve workflow and increase efficiency. Four Key Metrics in Agile Four Key Metrics in Agile provide a business- and customer-centric view of what flows across the entire software Continue Reading

What is Definition of Ready and Definition of Done ?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Definition of Ready (DOR): DOR refers to the Definition of Ready in Agile. In the Agile Scrum framework, the Definition of Ready describes the requirements that must be met in order for a story to move from the backlog to development. In keeping with agile tradition, Ready is often defined as a story that can be acted on immediately. Furthermore, the Definition of Ready follow Continue Reading

How to become a Successful Project Manager

Reading Time: 4 minutes A project manager is more than a title, there is a person who holds this position. A project manager’s personal attributes which include the addition of numerous soft and hard talents play an important influence in their performance. Every project manager understands the importance of completing projects on time and on budget. Good project managers also go to great lengths to ensure that project criteria Continue Reading

The best UI/UX design tools in 2022

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is UI/UX? Consider any web or mobile application you’ve used recently, you would probably notice two things: User Interface (UI): UI is the one part of the user experience, it’s one of the touch points that the customer interfaces with, it is what they see and it is what they feel, touch, click, talk to, on their devices. UI is a point at which Continue Reading

What is a Gantt Chart – Here are the basics

Reading Time: 3 minutes Gantt chart – Definition A Gantt chart is a horizontal bar chart that uses a variety of variables to visually show a project plan across time in project management. Modern Gantt charts often display the project’s timeframe and status, as well as who is in charge of each job. Here’s a quick look at the details which enables you to capture at a glance: How Continue Reading

Best 5 Project Management Tools that are Highly Effective

Reading Time: 4 minutes Need for the Project Management Tools Project Management Tools are needed to help project teams to plan, track and manage their projects in a better way so that the project goals can be achieved within time. These tools also help teams to collaborate in an effective way. Project teams can create user stories, issues, plan sprints, and distribute tasks across team members. These tools are Continue Reading