Author: Shubham Saini

Why Is There a Need For Authentication and Authorization?

Reading Time: 2 minutes So let’s talk about authentication & authorization. Authentication confirms that users are who they say they are. Authorization gives those users permission to access a resource. These two terms might sound similar but they have different meanings & purposes. Authentication The act of validating that users are who they claim to be is what we can call authentication. This technology provides access control for systems Continue Reading

Cryptography And Encryption Are Need Of The Hour

Reading Time: 2 minutes Nowaday’s every lock has its key. The locks may be physical or digital. And when it comes to digital locks then we talk about the security of online content. That is why Cryptography came into existence. In historic times, a scribe used unexpected hieroglyphic characters instead of the usual ones. And this leads to safe & secure communication between people. Now there are two terms we can come across. The first is cryptography & Continue Reading