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How Spark Internally Executes A Program

Hello everyone! In my previous blog, I explained the difference between RDD, DF, and DS you can find this blog Here In this blog, I will try to explain How spark internally works and what are the Components of Execution: Jobs, … Continue reading

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Indexing in DynamoDB

Hello everyone! In this blog, I will try to explain Indexing in DynamooDb. What is Indexing in DynamoDb:- Amazon DynamoDB provides fast access to items in a table by specifying primary key values.But if you want to fetch the data … Continue reading

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No need to predict your application load in advance with Amazon DynamoDB

Hello everyone! In this blog, I will try to explain what is Amazon DynamooDb and how it is powerful than other NoSQL databases. What Is Amazon DynamoDB? Amazon DynmoDb is a fully managed NoSQL database service that provides fast and … Continue reading

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JLINK in Java-9

What is JLINK (java linker)   – JLINK is java’s new command line tool through which we can create our own customised JRE. usually, we run our program using default JRE which is provided by Oracle or JAVA people but in case … Continue reading

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Working With XML

Hi All, In this blog, I will share some basic information that will help you more to work with an XML file.The first thing to know about XML in Scala is that Scala can process XML literals. so you don’t need … Continue reading

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Akka HTTP Routing

In this blog, I try to describe some basic routes of Akka-HTTP, redirection of the route and how to handle extra parameters that come in route. so before writing the routes, you have to set the environment for it. implicit … Continue reading

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Difference between RDD , DF and DS in Spark

In this blog I try to cover the difference between RDD, DF and DS. much of you have a little bit confused about RDD, DF and DS. so don’t worry after this blog everything will be clear. With Spark2.0 release, … Continue reading

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RealTimeProcessing of Data using kafka and Spark

Before Starting it you should know about kafka, spark and what is Real time processing of let’s do some brief introduction about it. Real Time Processing – Processing the Data that appears to take place instead of storing the data and then … Continue reading

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Send an Email Through the Amazon SES SMTP Interface with scala

The following procedure shows you how to use AWS Toolkit for IntelliJ to create an AWS SDK project and modify the scala code to send an email through Amazon SES. In this getting started tutorial, you send an email to … Continue reading

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Data modeling in Cassandra

Role of Partitioning & Clustering Keys in Cassandra Primary and Clustering Keys should be one of the very first things you learn about when modeling Cassandra data.  With this post I will cover what the different types of Primary Keys … Continue reading

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