Author: Siddhant

Pure vs. Impure values

Reading Time: 2 minutes In FP, we frequently talk about purity & impurity of values.In this brief post, we’ll brush up our concepts of the same, along with some examples. What could an impure value be? As we can see, a value is pure, if it conforms very strictly to its type. In case of pureFunctionValue the declared type said that it was a function which takes an Int Continue Reading

Firebase: RealtimeDB & Firestore

Reading Time: 2 minutes Recently, while searching for persistence solutions for one of our projects, we started considering the hosted and managed offerings on the Firebase Platform. Firebase has two primary database offerings, the original Realtime Database (RtDB) and the newer Cloud Firestore (CFS) which is currently in beta. In this post, we’ll briefly list down some of the current similarities and differences that we encountered while tinkering with Continue Reading