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Amazon Rekognition: Welcome to Visual Recognition

We have always been captivated ‚̧ and mesmerized ūüėģ by sci-fi movies like James Bond, and we dreamt of those technologies to become reality one day but here we are in the world of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning living … Continue reading

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Lagom: Let’s Create Micro Services Application

In previous post we introduced you all with our new hero Micro Services but now let’s create our first application. Light Bend Inc. created Lagom framework for creating reactive micro services. Its really easy to build micro services applications using … Continue reading

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Let’s get started with Reactive Micro Services

“Unity is Strength” is what we believe is de-facto but that’s not true when it comes to behaviour of Web-Services. Monolith application (tightly encapsulated and highly inter-dependent applications) is what existed earlier but in recent time there was need of … Continue reading

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