Author: Shubhrank Rastogi

Say Hi! to VCS & GIT

Reading Time: 8 minutes Well, this is my first blog on IT, so go easy on me. I just started my internship as a Software consultant and witnessed the need for GIT in an actual development environment. So I went straight to google and googled it, this is what I understand and as an open source guy I want to share what I have learned so far in this Continue Reading

Let’s Observe ReactiveX Observables

Reading Time: 5 minutes Hello! there folks. Today I am going to try to make you understand one of the most interesting and important topics inside Angular domain – The Observables. Angular 2 introduced us with observables. It uses Observables to handle async tasks, event handling and to handle multiple values. Observables are not part of angular itself neither of JS but are imported from ReactiveX library which offers Continue Reading

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