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Java: Try With Resources

Try with resources is a special type of try statement where we can declare more than one resources within a single try statement. This feature came in Java 7. But it has some limitation with itself that overcomes in Java 9. … Continue reading

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UDTs In Cassandra – Simplified!!

In most programming languages viz. Scala or Java we can play with object constructs i.e. we can create our own classes and create instances out of it. A similar construct is also provided by Cassandra and that is known as … Continue reading

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Monolithic v/s Microservices

Monolithic architecture :-  A monolithic architecture is the traditional unified model for the design of a software program. The term monolithic is not new and is borrowed from the Unix world. In Unix, most of the commands exist as a … Continue reading

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Java 8 Stream : Need with examples and Limitations

Before starting with java 8 stream firstly look at this example that will illustrates the need of java 8 stream and the power of stream as well. private static int sumIterator(List list) { Iterator it = list.iterator(); int sum = … Continue reading

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Key points to build an Angular application

This Blog is about Angular and why developers should choose angular to build an application. And we will also discuss difference between its current version and previous versions. What Angular is : Angular is perfect choice for Single Page Application(SPAs). … Continue reading

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REST-APIs Implementation tool: Finatra

Finatra is an open-source project by Twitter that can be used to build REST APIs in Scala programming language. Finatra builds on top of Twitter’s Scala stack — twitter-server, finagle, and twitter-util. Twitter-server   defines a template from which servers … Continue reading

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Naming is Too Hard : Finding the Right Level of Abstraction

How we can make our code more readable !! The answer of this question is “With The Help Of Good and appropriate naming”.  In programming Experience has confirmed Naming things is too hard.So hard in fact that it’s common for … Continue reading

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