Author: Udit Rawat

Creation Of Custom Kafka Connect/Connectors

Reading Time: 3 minutes Kafka Apache Kafka is a distributed event streaming platform that is open-source. Multiple organizations use it for increasing performance for integration of data, data pipelines, and streamlining of analytics for the applications which are mission-critical. The Kafka system is designed to be a fault-tolerant processing system. Kafka Connect/Connectors The Kafka Connect is defined as a framework that is designed for making the connection between the Continue Reading

Writing Custom Route Predicate Factories and Custom Gateway Filter Factories for Spring Cloud Gateway

Reading Time: 2 minutes Route Predicate Factories The Spring Cloud Gateway compares the routes of the incoming request as part of Spring WebFlux HandlerMapping infrastructure. It has many pre-defined route predicate factories. The predicates compares on the basis of different attributes passed on the HTTP request. Gateway Filter Factories The Spring Cloud Gateway Filter Factories provide the modifications of the incoming HTTP request or outgoing HTTP response in some Continue Reading

Spring Cloud Gateway with Actuator API

Reading Time: 2 minutes Actuator Actuator is a library which is provides many beneficial features and are production-ready to be utilised in our application. The main features of this library include monitoring of the application, collection of metrics, traffic flow or the status of the database.The actuator mainly works in exposing operational information about the running application. It uses HTTP endpoints or JMX beans to enable the interaction. Actuator Continue Reading

Spring Cloud Gateway Route Predicate Factories

Reading Time: 3 minutes Reverse Proxy The reverse proxy is a server used in communication between the external clients and the internal applications. With the help of reverse proxy the flow of the traffic between the clients and server become smooth and more efficient. Example of reverse proxy nginx. The main use of a reverse proxy server are : Load-Balancing Web Acceleration Security & Anonymity API Gateway The API Continue Reading