Author: Upanshu Chaudhary

What Is Netflix-hystrix?

Reading Time: 2 minutes In very simple terms, a circuit breaker is a pattern, and Netflix-hystrix is an implementation of this pattern. This library was designed to control the interactions between distributed services by adding latency tolerance and fault tolerance logic. Hystrix does this by isolating points of access between the services, stopping cascading failures across them, and providing fallback options — all of which improve your system’s overall Continue Reading

Kafka Kerberos Authentication

Reading Time: 2 minutes In this article we will start looking into Kerberos authentication and will focus on the client-side configuration required to authenticate with clusters configured to use Kerberos. Kafka supports four different communication protocols between Consumers, Producers, and Brokers. Each protocol considers different security aspects, while PLAINTEXT is the old insecure communication protocol. PLAINTEXT (non-authenticated, non-encrypted) SSL (SSL authentication, encrypted) PLAINTEXT+SASL (authentication, non-encrypted) SSL+SASL (encrypted authentication, encrypted Continue Reading