Author: Utkarsh

Spring Cloud Stream: an integrated framework of Spring Cloud GCP

Reading Time: 3 minutes Spring Cloud GCP Google Cloud Platform (GCP) provides a cloud computing service that runs the Spring projects in the cloud environment. Spring Cloud GCP project makes the Spring framework a first-class citizen of the Google Cloud Platform. It provides many different libraries which help in using the Google Cloud Platform for applications that are built on Spring Framework. What is Spring Cloud Stream? Spring Cloud Continue Reading

Life Cycle of a Thread in JAVA

Reading Time: 4 minutes In Java, a thread always exists in any one of the following states. These states are: New Active Blocked / Waiting Time Waiting Terminated Explanation Of Different Thread States New: Whenever we create a new thread, it is always in a new state. For a thread in the new state, the code has not been run yet and thus has not begun its execution. Active: Continue Reading