Author: Uzair Shaikh

Spring Cloud Gateway Global Filters

Reading Time: 3 minutes Filters act as the place where you can modify the incoming requests before sending the requests to the internal microservices or before responding back to the client.The GlobalFilter interface has the same signature as GatewayFilter. These are special filters that are conditionally applied to all routes. Forward Routing Filter The ForwardRoutingFilter looks for a URI in the exchange attribute ServerWebExchangeUtils.GATEWAY_REQUEST_URL_ATTR. If the URL has a Continue Reading

Spring Cloud Gateway security with JSON Web Tokens(JWT)

Reading Time: 4 minutes There is a clear understanding that everything that is exposed to the Internet should be secured. Especially when you create software and work with sensitive user data, such as emails, phone numbers, addresses, credit cards, etc. Here we will go through securing API Gateway with Json Web Tokens(JWT). As far as you probably know Spring recently released an update for microservice applications, and this update Continue Reading