Author: Vaibhav Sharma

Guide to Spring Cloud GCP with it’s Working

Reading Time: 4 minutes Introduction: What is Spring Cloud GCP (Google Cloud Platform)?  The Spring Cloud GCP is a tool that demonstrates how GCP and Spring Cloud Services can be used together. GCP support helps us to create a high-availability, fully scalable application. The Spring Cloud GCP project is a collaborative effort by the community. It brings together the best practices from both Google and open-source communities. The main Continue Reading

Spring Boot microservices with logging using Spring Cloud GCP

Reading Time: 4 minutes What is Spring Boot and Spring Cloud GCP? Spring Boot: Spring Boot is a java-based framework i.e. free and open-source.  Using Spring boot you can create java (web)apps mostly based on microservices  architecture. It makes it easier for you to focus on development work by simply  providing default dependencies that you may require in your project (it takes care of  boiler-plate code). Spring Cloud GCP: Continue Reading

Apache Airflow: Environment Variables Best Practices

Reading Time: 3 minutes A bit about Airflow Variables (Context): What is Airflow? Apache Airflow is a work-flow management tool. Airflow makes use of DAGs (Directed Acyclic Graph) to do the same. What are Airflow variables? Variables are the key-value pairs, where key represents the variable name, and value represents the assigned value of that particular variable. Where you store Airflow variables? Variables are stored inside the Airflow metadata Continue Reading

Apache Airflow: Connect with Kubernetes Cluster

Reading Time: 4 minutes What is Airflow? Airflow is a free to use and open-source workflow orchestration framework developed by Apache that is used to manage workflows Most popular and one of the best workflow management systems out there with great community support. What are operators and why we need them? In practical, Airflow DAGs (Directed Acyclic Graph) only represent the workflow and won’t be doing any computations (or Continue Reading

Apache Airflow Operators and Tasks

Reading Time: 3 minutes Context: What is Airflow? Airflow is a free to use and open-source tool developed by Apache that is used to manage workflows Most popular and one of the best workflow management systems out there with great community support. What is a DAG ? DAG stands for Directed Acyclic Graph Directed means the flow is one directional Acyclic means the flow will never come back to Continue Reading

All about APIs

Reading Time: 4 minutes APIs (Application Programming Interface(s)) allow us to transfer(or fetch) the data from one application to another application of our choice. Why do we need APIs? We need APIs to transfer the data among different applications. Moreover APIs allow us to have a standardized system (set of protocols) through which multiple applications can communicate with the desired single application in the “develop once use multiple times” Continue Reading

MVC architecture, Understanding Concept !

Reading Time: 4 minutes MVC in MVC architecture stand for Model, View and Controller. MVC architecture divides the code into three parts, so that the developer can work on these parts independently. It divides a web application into Model, view and controller. When it was invented , it was basically used for desktop GUI apps, but now it is mostly used for web apps. Almost all major frameworks employ Continue Reading

All about data connectors

Reading Time: 3 minutes Bottomline: A data connector is used to copy the data from one(or more) source(s) to the data warehouse (usually a single location where it is easy to perform certain operations) What is data connector? A data connector is the logic that enable developers (or data-science folks) to transfer the data from source (after extracting) to the destination. For example you need to prepare a model Continue Reading

Basic terminologies in Kafka(Apache) for Beginners

Reading Time: 2 minutes Producer broker Consumer cluster consumer group Topic Offsets partition Producer:Producer is an application that sends the messages to the kafka broker. A message is something that has low to medium size. Kafka Broker:Kafka server acts as kafka broker. It acts as a message broker and handles the request sent by the producer. Consumer :Consumer is the application that receives the message through kafka broker. It Continue Reading


Reading Time: 2 minutes Git is a tool that is most widely used by the developers. Using git one can upload his/her code to the platforms like GitHub, bitbucket, GitLab etc. in form of repository and can then anyone can access the repository using the link if they have access. Git allows only public repositories to be free. In this blog I am going to discuss basic git commands Continue Reading

Getting started with postman

Reading Time: 2 minutes what is postman?Postman is an API testing tool. You can hit the API via postman and see if you are getting the desired results. API stands for Application Programming Interface. In this blog I will list some of the most used features of the postman. Collection: You can add all of your APIs of single type in a particular folder under collections. You can perform Continue Reading