Author: Vaibhav Sharma

Basic terminologies in Kafka(Apache) for Beginners

Reading Time: 2 minutes Producer broker Consumer cluster consumer group Topic Offsets partition Producer:Producer is an application that sends the messages to the kafka broker. A message is something that has low to medium size. Kafka Broker:Kafka server acts as kafka broker. It acts as a message broker and handles the request sent by the producer. Consumer :Consumer is the application that receives the message through kafka broker. It Continue Reading


Reading Time: 2 minutes Git is a tool that is most widely used by the developers. Using git one can upload his/her code to the platforms like GitHub, bitbucket, GitLab etc. in form of repository and can then anyone can access the repository using the link if they have access. Git allows only public repositories to be free. In this blog I am going to discuss basic git commands Continue Reading

Getting started with postman

Reading Time: 2 minutes what is postman?Postman is an API testing tool. You can hit the API via postman and see if you are getting the desired results. API stands for Application Programming Interface. In this blog I will list some of the most used features of the postman. Collection: You can add all of your APIs of single type in a particular folder under collections. You can perform Continue Reading