Author: Vaibhav Kumar

Introducing the concept of Dagger in CI/CD

Reading Time: 5 minutes Introduction Dagger is an open-source devkit for CICD. It works using two open-source tools Cuelang and BuildKit from Docker. In addition, architecture is of the same concept as that of docker, Client-Server architecture. But, instead of docker, dagger daemon engine runs on any container runtime. Prerequistes A computer system with any OS with Internet. Docker daemon installed on system Installing Dagger Here we will be Continue Reading

Using CUE dagger

Defining and using the Actions in a Dagger Script

Reading Time: 3 minutes Introduction Dagger is an open source devkit for CICD. It works using two open source tools CUE language and BuildKit from Docker. Dagger uses CUE to script the code and configuration. And Buildkit to provide local containerized environment. Prerequisite Dagger installed on local system. The latest version now is 0.2.10 Docker installed on local system. The latest version now is 20.10.16 What are Actions in Continue Reading

Simple ways to create Gitpod workspace in GitHub

Reading Time: 3 minutes Introduction Gitpod is an open-source Kubernetes based platform which provides a prebuilt, development environment on your browser in the form of various IDEs like VS-code, PhpStorm, and IntelliJ called workspace. Prerequisite Github Id Any browser ( preferably chrome ) Gitpod Registration To use Gitpod we need to have an id on it. It is simple to make: Go to and click on Sign Up. Continue Reading

Using CUE dagger

What makes CUE useful in Dagger ?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Introduction Dagger is a devkit used in CICD using BuildKit and CUE for platform independent pipeline creation. The language CUE stands for Configure,Unify and Execute. It is a logical configuration language. This means it can create template with scripting as well. We will see various feature that are useful for Dagger environment in CUE. We will using CUE Playground for the code used. You can Continue Reading

Using Dagger with Jenkins in a simple CI pipeline

Reading Time: 4 minutes Introduction Dagger is an opensource devkit for continuous integration, deployment and delivery. It uses the power of BuildKit from docker and CUE to create platform independent deployment and integrations. And Jenkins is a automation server like teamcity, concourse, circle ci, github actions that creates CI/CD pipelines. Prerequisites Knowledge of Jenkins Know to use basic dagger understand CUE Requirements Jenkins running either locally or on cloud Continue Reading


How To Add Pull Request Build Status Rule Before Merge In Github Multibranch Jenkins Project

Reading Time: 5 minutes Prerequisite Knowledge About Pull Requests and Merge on SCM like Github Jenkins and Jenkinsfile Multibranch Strategies on a Git Project Introduction Whenever we build a project in a team or collaboration, Continous Integration of the work is an essential part of the project. The automation tools like Jenkins, Github Actions, Circle CI are quite useful tools for the DevOps group. The new changes require testing Continue Reading

TeamCity logo

TeamCity: Quick Installation And An Overview Of Build Configuration Of A Project

Reading Time: 5 minutes TeamCity is an On-Premises java-based CI/CD tool of JetBrains. It is available in two licenses: Enterprise and Professional and a Cloud version as well. Here we learn about its Build Configuration in a project. Prerequisite: We will be using docker image installation so it would be independent of the platform (i.e. Operating System) where used. So you may need docker installed in the system. Please Continue Reading