Author: Vineet Chauhan


Reading Time: 2 minutes In this blog, We’ll learn how to set up the Play Framework, we’re going to create our first project with the Play Framework using Scala. Additionally, we’ll examine its built-in testing capabilities. Project Setup We need to first install the sbt command-line tool (and at least JDK 8). In this blog, we’re using sbt version 1.6.2 to install Play Framework version 2.8.13. Command-line Tools We Continue Reading

Some Important Features of Scala

Reading Time: 3 minutes Scala is a programming language that supports both functional programming and object-oriented programming. It has powerful features. Scala language is based on java language so if you are aware of java it is easy to learn Scala Features of Scala Type inference Singleton object Immutability Lazy evaluations Case classes and Pattern matching String interpolation Higher order function Trait Rich collection set Type Inference There is Continue Reading

scala futures

Simple Guidance For You In Case Class And Pattern Matching

Reading Time: 2 minutes Case classes are like regular classes that have default apply() method which handle object construction. There is no  need to use a new keyword to create an object. Case class provides purely functional code with immutable objects. Case classes are a representation of a data structure with the necessary methods. It support pattern matching. Syntax of case class:- Example:-  When you create a case class Continue Reading