Author: Vikas Vashisth

Getting Started with Snyk

Reading Time: 2 minutes Snyk is a platform that scans, fixes security, vulnerabilities and prioritize your code, open source dependencies, container images and Infrastructure as a Code (IaC). In basic terms, it works as a scanning tool (like an antivirus) which helps you to prevent your code from unwanted vulnerabilities. Snyk is a Boston-based cybersecurity company specializing in cloud computing and founded in 2015. It integrates the open source code that Continue Reading

Create AWS EBS Volume Snapshot Using Boto3 Python

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hello Everyone Today we will learn about how to create AWS EBS Volume snapshot using boto3 Python version. Firstly before creating using Python script , we will create on AWS that will be based on User Interface with Manual steps. What is AWS EBS snapshot It provides with the data protection for the long term as well as with the durability that are in EBS Continue Reading

“All You Need To Know About Open Stack”

Reading Time: 3 minutes Let’s us know about Open Stack in easy words OPEN STACK There are many open source platforms where Open Stack is one of the most famous and trendily open source. It usually uses pooled virtual resources that to build the public clouds and also to manage private and public clouds. Open Stack consists of a tool that contain projects to handle many functionalities of cloud Continue Reading

Introduction to the Fog Computing

Reading Time: 4 minutes Let us know about the Introduction to Fog Computing. Abstract :In the Field of Internet of Things (IOT) the devices by themselves can recognise the environment and conduct a certain functions by itself. IOT Devices majorly consist with sensors. Cloud Computing which is based in sensor networks manages huge amount of data which includes transferring and processing which takes delayed in service response time. As Continue Reading

All You Need To Know About Bitcoin

Reading Time: 3 minutes Bitcoin ,Want to know about ? So you have to right place , you will get all you need to know about Bitcoin. You will get all your answers what is bitcoin? From where it came? And how it works? It is a peer to peer payment system developed by “Satoshi Nakamoto” in the year 2009. It is a decentralized currency, which means there is Continue Reading

All you need to know about iCloud

Reading Time: 4 minutes INTRODUCTION If you are using Mac or iPhone or Windows PC. Yes! Even windows machines can be connected to iCloud through Apple ID. What is iCloud? iCloud is the generic name for all of the cloud based or internet-based services Apple delivers to us whether that’s on a Mac, iPhone, or a PC running Windows. The service enables its users to store data such as Continue Reading

Information Security

Reading Time: 5 minutes Introduction Being in 21st century, seeing technological transformations is not a big deal any more. Today where there are no limits to the enhancements of technological aspects, it has become possible for one to get all his day to day work done using technologies like desktops and mobile phones, while sitting on a chair. It is now easy for one to reach any point or Continue Reading

“All You Need To Know About Cloud Computing”

Reading Time: 6 minutes CLOUD COMPUTING Cloud computing is a term for characterising the facilitating administration over the internet. It implies securing and getting to your data, records and tasks over the web instead of your PC hard drive. Cloud computerises your data at whatever time, any place utilising any service over the internet. It gives us opportunity of doing things with more abilities power & straight forwardness. We Continue Reading


Reading Time: 3 minutes Since the beginning of Block-Chain, it has become a hype in the field of technology. In November 2008. A Block-chain is an innovative technology which has emphasised the networking marketing very fast. What is BlockChain ? Blockchain technology is a series of data blocks that are cryptographically chained together. Each block contains a cryptographic hash of previous block and the timestamp (when the block created) Continue Reading

How to create Windows Instance using AWS

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hello Everyone ! Today we will learn, How to create windows instance using AWS, an EC2 instance using our AWS account. Although we have seen how we can create Linux instance from the AWS account. So, basically there are few steps through which you can launch your instance within few minutes. Step 1: You can simply login as a root user also. Step 2.1: Step Continue Reading

Look at Windows Module of Ansible

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hello Everyone! Today we will learn how we can create Windows Module in Ansible. When using Ansible to manage Windows, many of the syntax and rules that apply for Unix/Linux hosts also apply to Windows, but there are still some differences when it comes to components like path separators and OS-specific tasks. This document covers details specific to using Ansible for Windows. Some of the Continue Reading

Features Of Git Fetch And Git Pull command

Reading Time: 3 minutes Git Fetch command Git fetch command works on the local repository where it only fetches the data from the remote repository to have a look what all the changes has been done by the developers or what all new commits are made by them. So that it updates the developer to work. But, it doesn’t makes a copy of the work instead it allows the Continue Reading

How to create PV and PVC in Kubernetes

Reading Time: 3 minutes Pods are made up of multiple containers, so when volume attach to the pod all the containers running inside the pod can access to volume as a result for read and write purpose. Volumes can be store in Virtual machines and Physical machines. We use PV and PVC to provide storage in Kubernetes. Persistent Volume (PV) Kubernetes makes physical storage devices such as our SSDs, Continue Reading