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How to use the free DevOps Audit as a Service from Knoldus

Reading Time: 3 minutes The DevOps Audit and Its Capability Maturity Model DevOps Audit DevOps Audit is the measurement to find the state of DevOps Culture and Practice in a Software development environment. Since DevOps is increasingly becoming part of the IT industrial cycle of software development, it ought to have a proper measurement to boost the product cycle by improving through required points generated after an Audit. The Continue Reading

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Learn DevOps skills for free from DevOps Academy at Knoldus

Reading Time: < 1 minute We are pleased to announce that Knoldus has launched DevOps Academy as a part of Knoldus University. Overview DevOps Academy at Knoldus University is an online, easy-to-use, integrated platform for learning the DevOps curriculum. Whether you are a beginner, experienced, or looking to expand the scope of your knowledge, our rich set of courses and exhaustive labs will help you enrich your career in DevOps.  Continue Reading

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Ansible asynchronous actions and polling

Reading Time: 3 minutes Problem Statement Asynchronous actions and polling : Let’s say you have a group of 3 servers and you run the ansible playbook.Ansible playbook contains 2 tasks , let say task 1 will run on 2 servers but it took time to run in the third server then , what happens to the task1 or task 2. Solution Statement The default working of ansible is to Continue Reading

Cognito Registration & Identity Management System

Reading Time: 3 minutes This blog contains a detailed description for creating Identity management systems.We will see how we manage this through AWS Cognito with a working example. Problem Statement Your orgainization wants to create an Identity management system for user accessibility and usability restrictions. The basic requirement of this highly secure workflow requirements is listed as follows: End to End Identity Management portal. Identity Manager redundant setup for Continue Reading


DevOps implementation failures & how to prevent them

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is DevOps We have often come across the buzzword ‘DevOps’ and businesses wanting to implement it as soon as possible.But it’s not as easy as any other framework.Today we try to understand why many DevOps Implementations fails.We would also list down points on how to prevent these failures. DevOps is a culture and set of practices and should not be about just tooling.It talks Continue Reading

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Why we should adopt Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hello everyone, one of the most basic questions asked today by admins all over the world is why we should use a particular cloud platform and what are its benefits. So today let’s have a look at what Oracle Cloud Infrasture brings on to the table and what are it benefits as compared to other cloud service providers like AWS. Cost-Effectiveness First things first, the Continue Reading