Author: Yamini Bansal

The lifecycle of an Actor in Akka

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hola Amigo, I presume you are already familiar with the Actor Model i.e why you are looking for the lifecycle of an actor. So, let’s dive deeper into the Akka Actor Lifecycle. So, what happens when we create an actor and when it stops? The lifecycle of an actor starts automatically after its creation(instantiation). A started actor can right away start processing messages. So, here’s Continue Reading

Why Futures over Threads?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hola Amigo, have you ever wondered that when we can achieve concurrency or parallelism with threads, then what on Earth are other available options doing. Let’s have a closer look. Threads: A unit of concurrency Same old theory repeated once more,“Threads are nothing but independent paths of execution. These can help in efficient use of the resources when used cautiously.” What we can achieve using Continue Reading