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How to create an Instance using OpenStack CLI

Reading Time: 3 minutes Prerequisites: For creating your OpenStack instance using CLI, you must have installed OpenStack in your system or your machine. I have successfully installed my OpenStack and you can use this command to see all the information about OpenStack. OpenStack Overview : Create an instance: Using some steps/commands to gather the parameters to launch an instance. The available flavors: create an instance in OpenStack firstly choose Continue Reading

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How to use SCP to transfer files from local to server

Reading Time: 3 minutes Introduction: Scp stands for secure copy and its means of securely transferring files between two machines on a network. It is a file transfer network protocol. SCP uses Secure Shell (SSH) mechanisms for data transfer and authentication to ensure the confidentiality of the data in transfer one side to another side. Why use Scp? You can copy a file or directory from one machine to another Continue Reading

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How to Start working with WebSocket in Django

Reading Time: 3 minutes In this blog, we’ll learn about what is WebSocket with its working in Django. So, let’s get started. What is Web-Socket? WebSocket is a bi-directional, full-duplex protocol this is used in the same as client-server communication, unlike HTTPS. The WebSocket starts from ws:// or wss://(it is the URL syntax of the WebSocket). It is a stateful protocol that means the connections between client and server Continue Reading

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How to Access cross Account using IAM role in AWS

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is cross-account in AWS? You can use AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles and AWS Security Token Service to set up cross-account access between AWS accounts.  When you assume an IAM role in another AWS account to obtain cross-account access to services and resources in that account.  What is IAM role? Prerequisites: Create an IAM role in Account A: Using account B: Test Continue Reading

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How to check Vulnurability in eks cluster using kube-bench

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is kube-bench? kube-bench is an open-source tool that checks Kubernetes is deployed securely by running and the checks documented in the CIS Kubernetes Benchmark.  It is a CIS Kubernetes Benchmark tool created by AquaSecurity. kube-bench is written in GO language.  Here in every section has its own test and provides the solution for the test that fails, warning and providing its summary. In the Continue Reading

How to Create and Manage Volumes in OpenStack

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is Volume? Volumes in OpenStack are a way you can have extra storage for your instances. Volumes are block storage devices that you attach to instances to enable persistent storage. You can attach a volume to a running instance or detach a volume and attach it to another instance at any time. You can also create a snapshot from or delete a volume. Only Continue Reading


AWS Fargate Vs Kubernetes: Which Container Orchestration Tool Do You Need?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Kubernetes and AWS Fargate both simplify the process of deploying and managing containerized applications. Fargate and Kubernetes are distinct tools that have different use cases. The difference between the two platforms decision about which service to use to deploy your containerized applications. What is AWS Fargate? Fargate, which AWS introduced in 2017, is an orchestration engine for containers and the infrastructure that hosts them. It automatically sets Continue Reading


Sidecar Container vs Init Container in Kubernetes

Reading Time: 4 minutes Introduction Init containers are special containers that run before main containers run in a pod. Init containers support many of the features of application containers. Sidecar containers are containers that run along with the main container in a pod. You can define any number of sidecar containers to run alongside the main container What is Sidecar Container? A sidecar is just a container that runs on the same Continue Reading

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How to create a Bastion Host in AWS

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is Bastion Host? A bastion host is a server whose purpose is to provide access to a private network from an external network, such as the Internet. Because of its exposure, it must reduce the chances of attacks. It is a special-purpose server instance that is designed to be the primary access point from the Internet and acts as a proxy to your other EC2 instances. Continue Reading

How a Linux Machine boots

Reading Time: 3 minutes Introduction In the Linux Operating system User press the power button and operating system will be loaded automatically and the user will start working on the computer (Linux machine).The linux booting process is start pressing the power button and done the reaching user interface in the machine. There are Six steps available in booting process: BIOS MBR GRUB Kernel Init Run levels Booting Process BIOS Continue Reading