Automation using Record and playback feature in Katalon studio

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What is Katalon studio?

Before directly jumping to the Automation through Katalon studio, firstly we understand a bit about Katalon studio.

Katalon studio is a free and simple tool for automated testing that uses the Selenium and Appium libraries and can be found pre-installed in the tool. It provides a specialized IDE interface for smooth and easy web, API, mobile and desktop application testing. With the help of Katalon we can run automated tests of UI elements including pop-ups, iFrames, wait-time and can also create the automated test scripts and reuse it for UI without writing any code.

Record and playback feature

Katalon studio provides both Record and playback mode and manual mode which helps the non-programmers individual to perform automation and creating test cases effectively. So In this section we will know how to perform automation using Record and playback feature.

  • Firstly, we need to download and setup Katalon studio over our system. Visit here to download and setup Katalon studio.
  • After successfully downloading and setting up Katalon studio, Open the Katalon studio and select “New project” from File menu. You can also open the existing project by selecting “Open project”.
  • New project dialog box will display. Enter the project name and click on OK.
  • Now right click over “Test case”, Click on “New” and choose Test case.
  • Enter the name of your Test case and click on OK to successfully create a Test case.
  • After successfully creating test case, Click on the Web record icon to open web recorder dialog box.
  • In the URL box, enter the URL of the website you want to automate and select the preferred web browser from the drop down (Chrome or Firefox is recommend) and click on “Record” to start recording.
  • The selected browser will open and now you can perform the actions you want to automate.
  • You can also see the Recorded actions and captured objects in the web recorder dialog box while performing the actions.
  • Once you finished the recording actions, click on “Save script” to save the recorded actions.
  • Click OK to save the captured objects in the object repository. Also, you can create a New folder to save captured objects in desired structure by choosing New folder option.
  • Now you can see the Recorded objects and actions in the test case.
  • Click on the Run button to execute recorded test cases in your preferred browser.
  • After successfully running the actions of your recorded test cases, you can the see the result whether the Test case is Passed or Failed.


In this blog, we get familiar about the Record and playback feature in Katalon studio and how it made easier to perform automation, testing and more without writing a single line of code.


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