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AWS Aurora is a relational database service provided by amazon cloud. This is one of the extensively used services for the low latency, data storage and value-based data storage and processing. It can only be used on AWS platform, unlikely MySQL database which can be installed on a local device.

Setting up Aurora RDS Serverless Instance

For using any AWS service you need an AWS account. Here we are assuming that you have set up the AWS account, if not visit AWS Console to create an account. Following steps will show you, how you can access the RDS service from the console.

Step -1 Search for RDS in Search Box and click on RDS.

Step -2 Click on Create Database button.

Step -3 Here you will get two options, One is Standard create which also the default option and the second option is Easy create. I’ll suggest you to choose Standard create because if you will choose Easy create you not going to specify serverless and you’re not going to have access to a lot of the other options.

Step -4 Now we are going to choose Engine type. Here we will use Amazon Aurora. Aurora is the only offering from RDS that supports serverless. Keep in mind that aurora is compatible with both MYSQL and PostgreSQL. In Capacity type we will use Serverless because if we use Provisioned then it will create an database instance, that we don’t want to do here. We want to use serverless option. After choosing Serverless option you also need to choose its version.

Step -5 Next step is to give the name to your Database and a Master username. Here you can click on Auto Generate password, to generate password or you can also set your own password.

Step -6 Now this is where the things start to get interesting and we get to specify some of the settings for serverless component of RDS. So, here we will set the Minimum Aurora Capacity & Maximum Aurora Capacity. The minimum is 2 GB of Ram with 1 ACU and maximum is 488 GB of Ram with 256 ACU. I suggest you to choose Aurora Capacity wisely because AWS charge accordingly.

Step -7 For Connectivity leave everything as default. Now click on Additional Configuration under Connectivity and Enable Data API. At last click on Create Database.

After clicking on Create Database. After that your serverless database will be initialized in a couple of minutes.


In this blog we discussed how to create Serverless MYSQL Database using AWS Aurora. In my future blogs I’ll be discussing about some new services of AWS cloud. Hope you liked this blog.

Thankyou, Keep Learning!!!

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